City Hall Subway Stop

Here’s a blog post that makes want to jump up and run to take the 6 train:

“New York’s famous City Hall subway station, one of the most gorgeous gems in the world of mass transit, has been closed for decades but now it can be viewed again by in-the-know riders of the 6 train.

Although it’s not open to the general public, there’s a way in-the-know New York subway riders can still see this famous and beautiful architectural glimpse at the city’s past. The 6 train used to make all passengers leave the train at the Brooklyn Bridge stop, but no longer.

If you have a little extra time, you can stay on the train and view the City Hall Station as the train makes its turnaround.”

I can’t wait. Can NOT wait to do this.

(via jalopnik and @HelenWalters)

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  1. I’m so hoping I can do this sometime.

    How neato.

  2. This is getting such attention this week! I hope the MTA doesn’t change the regs so you can’t ride the 6 through the turnaround.

  3. I am also eager to check out the “secret” subway station. It looks gorgeous. I love that it even exists. It actually makes me wonder what other secret places are out there…

  4. Isn’t this on the SNL opener – always wondered if it was a bar in those shots or something, but I think this is it.

  5. I went through this station last week as soon as I heard about this mysterious place. I was so excited about it, but was extremely disappointed because I couldn’t really see anything. I did see the station, but no lights were on and the train was moving fast so I pretty much didn’t see anything. Just so you know, just to save you a trip.

  6. If you look out the right-hand windows, you can see a tiny bit of the platform ten to twenty seconds after entering the loop. It’s very dark, so cup your hands around your eyes and stare out the window til you see it. In the dust and gloom, the brief glimpse you get from the train looks very little like the above photo. I’d been wanting to do this for years and was kind of sad when I finally did.