Rainbow Princess

About a month ago, I sat down with our 4.5yo Ella Joy to talk about Halloween. She has been going through a never-ending princess phase and I wanted to make sure we are not entering yet another pink princess Halloween. So, I looked at her and said: “Ella, what would you say, if we, the entire family, dress up as a big giant rainbow!” She looked at me with big, excited eyes and said: “YES, Mommy, I’ll be a rainbow princess!”


I pulled out my iPhone, and typed a “Help me message” to my dear friend and studiomate Jessi Arrington. Jessi is the queen of dressing up, and never misses a chance to do so. Just take my 5 year blog-anniversary where she dressed up as a typical Appenzeller farmer. (Appenzell is the region in Switzerland where I grew up) Her costume was amaaaazing and the fact that she cut a plastic cow in half with her bread knife at 2am shows how dedicated she is. Dressing up is serious business in the Arrington household. (Right, Creighton?)

My call for rainbow princess help was taken very seriously. Jessi instantly proceeded to sketch out three dresses for Ella to choose from:

Ella’s choice took a mere 2 seconds. Number 1! Number 1! she exclaimed. And then, Jessi’s late nights and trips to the fabric store and Ella’s questions “When is it ready” began. The excitement in Ella’s face, when I brought the dress home last thursday can not be expressed in words. That morning, she woke me up at 6am asking: “Is my rainbow princess dress coming today? Is it today? Is it today?”

And so they met. Ella and her rainbow princess dress, made with an incredible amount of love and dedication by SUPERAUNT JESSI™. Ella’s wildest princess dreams have come true with this dress. We are scared of next year’s Halloween as there is no way to top this.

This is a big giant virtual thank you to the bestest most creative friend out there. Jessi, I wanted to buy superaunt.com for you today, unfortuantely it was taken. So here is my big, fluffy blog thank you. You are an inspiration to me and Ella is your biggest fan. Thank you for making our Halloween absolutely fantastic.

Oh, and for those of you wondering, yes, our entire little family dressed up in the Rainbow theme. G and I went as a double rainbow (so intense!), Ella obviously as rainbow princess and our little Tilo was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Read about Jessi’s rainbow princess experiment here.

All photos are by wonderful Erin Sparlin.

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  1. That’s amazing! you have a beautiful family, Tina!

  2. Your family is so adorable!!! Did the double rainbow youtube video have anything to do with the inspiration for these costumes?

  3. lol this is super cute …

  4. I love this post! Great job with a Halloween theme that is both a timely social commentary and kid-appropriate. (Something our family definitely appreciates :)

  5. Simply Lovely — And Miss Ella is RADIANT!

  6. Awwwwwww, what a great idea. Beautifully executed!
    Those are great memories in the making.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thank you for this awesome post, Tina. I was honored to be a part of your family fun. You guys are so great!!! I couldn’t be a prouder aunt!

  8. So cute and amazing rainbow princess dress!

  9. Very cute but, what’s wrong with her wanting to be a pink princess again? The heart wants what the heart wants.

  10. I saw your adorable rainbow family at McCarren Park but didn’t realize it was you until now! I loved Ella’s dress and thought I would totally wear that if it came in my size!

  11. Love the pot of gold! So amazing.

  12. I am not into costumes and not into halloween at at. But THIS is incredibly cute!!!!! :) nd the little one is the dot on the i :))

  13. Oh! This is too cute, and such a sweet post, it brought tears to my eyes! I love the dress and the double rainbows, but that pot of gold takes the cake. What an adorable family, this photo will live in photo albums for centuries!

  14. So cute! Now, that’s what Halloween should be about, handmade happy memories :)

  15. Haha!! Toooo cute! And your little kiddos are just beautiful! What a pretty family!

  16. I love a group costume! You all look so cute!

  17. triple rainbow! awesomeness :D

  18. You’ve got to check this rainbow out!

  19. look at you and your perfection of a family! i love it!