The 80s in Swiss TV

Now here’s a video that my Swiss Readers will appreciate. It’s a quick overview of Swiss TV shows in the 80s. I do remember pretty much all of them. (I’d love to see an equivalent of US TV shows.)

(via bloggingtom)

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  1. Another time, another world.

  2. oh mann, ich kann mir bis heute immer noch nicht vangelis’ “antarctica” (track 2, antarctic echoes) anhoeren, ohne an die DRS zu denken…

  3. Haha, dä Beni :D

  4. classic :D
    aber de Beni hani nome ade stemm erkännt.

  5. Another time, another world – dito!

  6. Wow! What a flashback. The only person missing is Paola singing Blubayou ;)