Word Lens

Word Lens is a real-time translation app that turns your iPhone into “the dictionary of the future,” optical character recognition and augmented reality to translate text. he app is free in the iTunes Store, with various language pairs available for in-app purchase. The first pair released is Spanish-English, with more coming soon.

My head just exploded.

(via bigthink)

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  1. That’s amazing!!

    Now we just need glasses that feeds the camera to them and you can walk around the world and know what everything says!!!

  2. awesome iPhoneApp, if this is really working 100%

  3. This is, simply put. ridiculous. It’s honestly another level of amazing. Word of it has been buzzing up my twitter stream all day, but, come on, this is so incredible, it isn’t even fair.

  4. too bad it requires internet access … which means global roaming charges … which means, no dice.

  5. I work in the museum exhibit design field and I can imagine using this as a means to provide international visitors the possibility to read all our info on the fly without producing extraneous material.


  6. i guess i need to buy an iphone now…

  7. @Sebastian – I downloaded the app and paid the $4.99 for the English to Spanish translation. It works..

    @Sara Lee – See 0:29 of the video, no internet connection required.

  8. My only beef is the translation in the screen capture is not correct at all, besides that the tech is awesome

  9. Some of the Spanish phrases are a little stilted, but I’m gonna give it a try anyway. It’s still awesome.

  10. We kunnen wel inpakken met onze Rephrase vertaal applicaties. Er is nu Word Lens. Briljant!

  11. My cabeza explotó!!

    It does not even need wifi. Works anywhere in the world.
    Truly magoc.

  12. My cabeza explotó!!

    It does not even need wifi. Works anywhere in the world.
    Truly magic. W-O-W!

  13. I strongly doubt it is “real-time” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real-time_computing). Did you meant in-time ?

  14. All the more reason to start a world tour now!

  15. Nice spanish syntax… :S

    WL is very helpful, but not a miracle.

  16. Awesome app here in Mexico we are simply loving it!

  17. PLEASE: make one that does English to French and vice versa!

  18. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable
    from a rigged demo.” — Andy Finkel

    I’ve got to see this to believe it.

  19. great application . Great video . Thanks

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