An Elephant in the Snow

Elephant is a beautiful chair by Kristalia. Apparently also works as a sled. Check out the video below.

(Oh, how much do I miss hearing that ‘walking on snow sound’ that you can hear in the video?)

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  1. One of my favorite songs is One Night I Was Walking Through the Snow by The Samples. So beautiful!

  2. Thanks for the walking on snow sound shout out. It was part of my youth growing up in Chicago, but a only once every five years or so in ATL.

    Got my fix in this morning, also coupled with taking five minutes making it 2/3’rds of the way across the ice covered street on foot only to hit a slick patch and slide back down and have to start over. Whole group of us doing the same thing, offering encouragement and tips about where how to step. Traffic cop making fun of us.

    About a block further up the hill a whole crowd of workers gave up trying to coax the tour bus over the crest and were just trying to stop it from sliding back down. It’s a long hill. I hope it doesn’t turn into a news story.

    I want the white chair.

  3. Looks fun. Reminds me of ice blocking.