Boot Pull

Now that everyone in NYC seems to be walking around in boots (especially Hunter Rainboots) I think this Boot Pull would come in handy. Not that I have room for it in my apartment, but it sure would make a great conversation starter.

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  1. A Stiefelknecht! :-)

    They come in apartment-sized versions, too, but those aren’t quite as visually stimulating.

  2. Also, looks like it folds up. As I recall, we had a metal one shaped like a cricket when I was growing up (obviously without a handle, requiring you to be near a wall if you lost your balance, but much smaller).

  3. And where goes all the mud and dirt form the rubber boots when they are used what they are made for (for example walking in nature and muddy fields during rain or for the hunt) when this example “works” in a chic NY apartment?
    I prefer my Stiefelknecht in the back door, next to the place where i dry my dog. Dry and clean feet and dog = dry and clean house.
    Reminds me of these discussions about the Landrover in the city…

    And forget those “mikey mouse” hunter boots. There are a lot of real rubber boots for walking and working out there with the same price…and they can be trendy too ;)

  4. It looks like a big operation to take the boots off. I have a Hunter metal boot jack at home which is much smaller.

    But then, I am obsessed with rainboots so my collection probably takes up more space than the boot jack itself.

  5. Cute and functional … but I’m a big fan of the insect-looking ones I see in the UK: (example)

  6. I suspect this object is related to the item above it.

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