Illegal Rainbows

Gasp-for-air-fantastic: Illegal Rainbow. (No, don’t do this at home!)

(Thank you Liz)

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  1. Simple, beautiful…
    This could be an amazing form of protest against homophobic institutions!

  2. Love it!
    Great point @Mushon

  3. Or just enjoy it as it is. No need to turn all rainbow forms into a gay propaganda.

  4. Or just enjoy it as it is. No need to turn all rainbow forms into a gay propaganda. Thank you :)

  5. Here here Jesse, rainbows don’t have to stand for anything but a beautiful formation of colors. Love it.

  6. The newsreport that the article links to is hilarious. “knockelhead” It’s beautiful. BTW, they mention at the end “they are the colors of gay pride” WTF? I didn’t even think of that at all. I was thinking more about a protest of how gray and boring our cities look.

    Also, they say the city is going to clean those up and then charge the landlords. If I was the landlord of that blue building, I’d leave it. It’s beautiful.

    PS: Why not do this at home? I’d actually love to do this on my rather boring house (that I own :-) )


  8. Yes, as beautiful as this is, if it was done without the landlord’s consent it’s still property destruction and should not be supported.

    No one has the right to arbitrarily decide another’s property should be defaced, especially not based on some personal aesthetic preference about how cities “should” look.

  9. Would the artist like it if someone came to his/her home and did this? Why is my beloved swissmiss blog supporting vandalism?

  10. I am NOT supporting vandalism.

    I am just simply seeing the beauty in this picture. Sorry if some of you are upset about this post.

  11. Not upset at all, it is a nice image. But, philosophically, I can’t get behind its creation.

  12. KR, it might be important to note that the Rainbow Warrior doesn’t “vandalize” homes or even pick his/her buildings indiscriminately. S/he paints on old, crumbling buildings; office buildings that have few or no tenants; and even an ugly, festering apartment complex that wasn’t completed because the builder was jailed on fraud charges (as pictured). I’m from Albuquerque and have seen the rainbows in person, and I can attest that they’re delightful and beautiful, and bring charm to anything they’re painted on.

  13. Don´t we need more of this heart warming art? Especially in this freezing times?

  14. This would be a nice bit of work except, it was done without permission! Get permission or you are just a vandal!
    Fine artists have no respect for design. That modern high rise was designed by an architect. Maybe that architect would appreciate it if his or her work was not damaged with paint (no matter how nice the art idea was)? Maybe if you approached the architect and the owner and proposed a temporary installation, and worked with both to meet all your interests, you would have a much bigger feather in your cap than “vandal” and get much needed experience for a future career in public art. PAID public art.
    If your idea for a project is rejected, it is not because they don’t get it, it means your hubris and a lack of imagination on selling your idea to others needs adjustment, improvement, and practice. Go back and rethink it and try again and again and adapt and be willing to accept less than your total expectations.
    That is a true “public” artist. Not dumping paint on others design work and private or public property.