All of the Colors

I know I shouldn’t have a favorite Tattly, but I do. All of the Colors by Jason Polan just launched and has already won my heart!

Rainbow Long Exposure Photography

I can not stop looking at these rainbow long exposure photographs by Daniel Mercadante. He captured his partner running with a custom built lighting rig. So much appreciation for this. So much!

Pride Tattly

This Sunday New York will be out on the streets for the NYC Pride Parade. Tattly has plenty of pride themed designs for you.

Forever Rainbow

Love this Forever Rainbow Tattly by Ben Wagner. Also available as a pin.

More Rainbows

more rainbows

The world needs more rainbows. Right?

Rainbow Pencils

Rainbow Pencil

Made from recycled paper, rainbow pencils let you create beautiful paper rainbows when you sharpen them. Congrats to the designer Duncan Shotton.

Cloud-Shaped Tape Dispenser

Cloud Shaped Tape Dispenser

How smile-inducing is this cloud shaped tape dispenser, designed by Yu JuHyun?

(Thanks Jaime)

Chief Financial Officer

Everything’s better with a rainbow on it: Chief Financial Officer coin purse, designed by Ana Benaroya.

Wool Dry Mop

This colorful beauty is a Wool Dry Mop. Made by a fourth-generation family business in Vermont

Unicorn Hooded Towel

One of the most amazing things I have seen at the Etsy Holiday Shop today was this Unicorn Hooded Towel. How can you start your day with a bad mood if you dry yourself off with this in the morning? Impossible!

Rainbow Wallpaper

Clouds and Rainbows Wallpaper. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Happy Double Rainbow Everyone

Discovered this Double Rainbow photo over on Catharina Bruns Twitter Stream. Happy Monday morning everyone!

On this Day Perpetual Calendar

Keep historic facts at your fingertips in a rainbow-colored-fashion with this Perpetual Calendar. Simply rub each black box to reveal an interesting factoid that happened on that date in history.

Rainbow Types

Typography + Rainbows = Fun. I wholeheartedly agree with Marc Johns.

(via tweeting jessi)

Rainbow Panorama

Olafur Eliasson’s Rainbow Panorama Installation makes me want to book a flight to Denmark asap. RAINBOWTASTIC, as my color-loving studiomate Jessi would say!

(via chrisglass)

Apple Logo Rainbow Sticker

Seeing the old treatment of the Apple Logo (on a new MacBook Pro) just now gave me an instant sense of nostalgia. I will most definitely order one of these raised, awesome, stickers to put on my iPad or Laptop.

(thanks for the nostalgia, sam)

Rainbow Keyboard Stickers

If these Rainbow MacBook Keyboard Decor Decal Stickers weren’t sold already, I’d have to buy them for my lovely color-loving studiomate Jessi.


Rain Bow Tote

Love everything about this Rain Bow Tote. It combines my love for bags/umbrellas AND rainbows. (If they add a robot, they’ll push me over the edge.)

(via coolmomspick)

Robo Rainbow

This Robo Rainbow Video made me smile. (And yes, I realize it is not ok to vandalize other people’s property.)

robo-rainbow from mudlevel on Vimeo.

(Thank you Ivar)

Rainbow Headboard

How incredibly charming is this rainbow headboard! Tried to find the original post over on the Tumblr blog that this Pinterest post quoted as the source. Couldn’t find it. Oy!

Illegal Rainbows

Gasp-for-air-fantastic: Illegal Rainbow. (No, don’t do this at home!)

(Thank you Liz)

The Man-Made Rainbow Machine

College professor and artist Michael Jones McKean made a machine that generates two-story rainbows with the flip of a switch. His rainbow machine is comprised of commercial jet pumps and custom-designed nozzles that spray a dense wall of water into the sky—it’s the same as how you can get a rainbow from the sprinkler in your backyard, just on a much more impressive scale.

Read more over on Gizmodo

(via gizmodo)

Kids Growstick

My lovely studiomate Maria Popova just surprised me with an early birthday gift: the Kids Growstick. Not only does it come in rainbow colors, it also will serve as the perfect mobile growth chart. As we are about to move in the new year, I didn’t want to start a growth chart on one of our door frames. This is excellent as it can be kept and handed over to our little ones once their older.

What an amazing gift for the rainbow-color-loving parent. Thank you Maria!

Kids Growstick

Gabriel Dawe

I am completely mesmerized looking at these colorful thread installations by Gabriel Dawe.

(via doobybrain)