Neighborhood Necklaces

How very cool are these Brooklyn Neighborhood Necklaces? Ann of the Blue Ribbon General Store in Boerum Hill told me about them. If ever you’re close by her store, make sure to go by. It’s a gift-givers paradise.

(Next step up on all of these script necklaces is a less cheesy typeface!)

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  1. Guessing that they chose the typeface because of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Seems like Brooklyn can’t escape it.

  2. Funny how folks in these neighborhoods aren’t all the prone to wearing name plate necklaces.

    It’d be nice that a few were made for the ‘un-trendy’ parts of the borough. I’d most definitely rock a ‘Flatbush’ necklace in gold.

  3. I find it interesting that she is charging $150 for them when you can pick them up on Fulton for $25 – $50… I usually love what Swiss Miss picks out however I just think this is a bit ridiculous, wasp-y transplants really shouldn’t try to “rock” items from alternative brooklyn youth subculture ironically…. and yes, you can get a Flatbush one, just not at Blue Ribbon.

  4. wow.. I want them for my city!!!!

  5. Lame. More hipster rubbish.