Press Pause Play

Press Pause Play” which will premiere at SXSW in Austin, March 11. I am extremely curious to watch this movie and make up my mind about the subject:

(via chris glass / via a photo editor)

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  1. Technological knowledge should not be confused with creativity.
    You can train a lab rat to use technology…doesn’t make the rat a creative.

    Having watched the Norman Hollyn interview for PressPausePlay on youtube, one can very easily conclude that making ‘creativity’ available to all through technology only serves to make real creative ideas and talent shine through all the dross.

    If you can be bothered to look that is.

  2. I’m curious too. I love Seth – he’s full of great ideas. However, he already had a well established platform before this latest success. And while I agree this is an amazing time for creativity to explode, it still remains to be seen how creators (most of them anyhow) can make a living at creating. It’s an interesting time to be an artist.
    (Children’s book author/illustrator)

  3. There is a giant paradigm shift occurring and it is not in business best interests to acknowledge it.

    What is the value of ownership if everything is free online?
    What is the value of a medium if it can be virtualized?
    What is the value of a platform if it can be emulated?

  4. Very much looking forward to seeing Seth and others on this. Hope it comes out soon for everyone to see

  5. Just watched the trailer and I have to disagree that 30, 40, 50 years ago people weren’t creating. Are you kidding? Crafters have been creating for centuries, tinkerers have been making things in their garages for as long as there have been garages, and musicians have been plucking away at their instruments since before recorded history.

    I see it as highly arrogant for someone to declare that NOW everyone is finally being creative. Perhaps it’s easier to see/access everyone’s creativity now, but it has always been there.

    It makes me wonder if those people come from really boring families or communities.

  6. You can now download PressPausePlay for free on their website I really recommend the interactive version that includes all the interviews that did not make the final edit.

  7. If you want to watch PressPausePlay on Vimeo, now you can!