Buy art? Prognosticator

Whenever Kelli Anderson sends me an update on some of her latest projects, I stop and listen. Her talent is humbling and her updates always awe-inspiring.

This Should I Buy This Art? Project made me laugh. It’s meant to be a helpful tool for everyone involved in the currently ongoing art fair season here in NYC. Kelli made this paper-gizmo for Jen Bekman‘s 20×200 to distribute in their “Art Fair Survival” tote bags. Jen had the initial inspiration for a fortune teller and the entire office brainstormed on a theme, ultimately arriving at this question: “Should I buy this art?” Kelli worked that basic idea into a handy-dandy art market prognosticator, which will aid the user in making very expensive decisions about art… responsibly, of course.

I need the same answering the question: “Should I Blog This?”

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