nr1977 by MihaDesign

It does not happen often that a design has me speechless, but this desk-bed-loft construction just did. Naoto Mitsumoto and Naoko Hamana of MihaDesign were asked to renovate an old 770 sq apartment that was constructed in 1957. The designers were asked to propose a solution for the owners – a husband and wife with 4 kids – who desperately needed to come up with a creative use of the limited space. Who would think of putting boxes into this small apartment that not only serves as cozy bed-nucks but also offer a desk space above the beds. The kids can quietly read or study while comfortably dangling their feet above their beds. This is brilliant! Unbelievably brilliant! Read more.

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  1. How cool is that!! I love the idea

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  2. Lovely idea! Very nice usage of space. But on the other hand … you might get kicked in the face if someone is working at the desk and you get up from a little nap ; )

  3. Great saving of space. But I would not want to be the mom when the books, toys,or markers fall off during the night :(

  4. looks dangerous

  5. space saving & cool… I love it :)

  6. Hmm. I would probably would have put the beds on top and the play/desk area underneath (which is a typical design with bunk beds, see Ikea). Then you won’t have toys / office supplies falling into the bed. It’s a cute design, but doesn’t seem practical.

  7. I love this concept, but just as Steve said, there is a danger that kids will fall through the gap. They will also climb through, which is just in their nature. However it could be adapted to make it more safe and it’s the overall concept that I really like here.
    I too, agree with Kaydee, that it would be better for the bed to be on top because imagine if someone is sleeping below and items fall through the gap. A hot drink would be a nasty thing to have fall on your head. Also someone could fall through on top of someone else.
    All these things must be carefully considered is these types of unorthodox but creative designs.