My dirty laundry

Both modern and practical, especially if you live in an apartment building or lack floor space – keep the laundry bag on hook and when it’s laundry time, grab and go.

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  1. This image brings back memories of Marine Corps boot camp for me – winter of 1956 (San Diego MCRD)… Each recruit had a laundry bag tied to the end of his bunk, just like this, except for a functional drawstring at the top, sans bag printing (very clever, these marines). No frills, but efficient… as were our buckets and laundry brushes.

  2. WOW! Really love the bag… Love the simplicity of the design + the font.


  3. That’s cool. Good for students I’d imagine!

  4. I use an eco bag as a ‘dirty laundry bag’, I guess I’ll give a new design to it.