Swiss Lullaby

It’s quite amusing to think that this is the Swiss version of making your kid fall asleep. Talk about sending subliminal, ambitious messages. Made me chuckle! (By KienerToys, unfortunately not to be found on their site)

(thank you Gio, via panenutella)

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  1. oh I really want to buy this as a gift if you find out where you can buy it please let me know!

  2. You’re welcome, but I’m not “panenutella”, I’m ;)

  3. Thanks Gio, updated the via!

  4. I knew you’d enjoy. Keep on publish, see you soon!

  5. Looks like they might be available at (first result in Google search for “Matterhorn music box”.

  6. Found it in one of the PDFs on the site, second page:

  7. If you know Korean (grin), you can get this piece at FUNSHOP:

    I have also featured the Matterhorn music box on my tumblelog some days ago, check it out:


  8. I’m not sure how subtle the message is. Go to sleep or…