Sam Rosen of the Post Family visited the studio yesterday and told me about his brand new site called Desktime!

Desktime is a beautifully designed site that helps you rent out extra desks or find a desk to work for a day, week or month. Think of it as the AirBnB for the workspace. I am obviously a huge fan of the co-working concept (hence Studiomates).

I am thrilled to see more sites like this (remember my Loosecubes post?) pop up that make the dream of the mobile office a reality. As I mentioned they just launched. I can’t wait to see this grow!

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  1. I’ve always wanted to work every month in different city. It seems that these co-working centers could make it really easy. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. Lovely! Unfortunately it does not work where I live at the moment, but the idea is brilliant!

  3. Definitely a good idea, and nice design to boot. They don’t have LA yet, but we’re signed up to find out when they do!

  4. This seems a lot cheaper and a lot more cost effective than rening a small office for a period of time.