Giant Wooden Xylophone

This giant wooden xylophone just made my day. I want to hug every single person that was involved in making this happen.

(via Paul Octavious)

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  1. That’s… I’m speechless.

  2. Oh – it’s FABULOUS!!! :)

  3. That was great… until it turned into an ad.

  4. I have no problem with it being an ad. That means these incredibly creative people actually got PAID for what I’m sure was a tremendous amount of work. Bravo to the cell phone cover company for allowing such innovation! :)

  5. Thank you for that nice bright spot in my day!

  6. Fantastic and very relaxing! Loved it!

  7. Ohhh. That brought a little tear to my eye! Love that! totally reposting!

  8. One of the best – ever! Glory be to the mind of the Creator(s).

  9. Well that’s three minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.

  10. That’s… a lot of wood.

  11. Same feeling as Sarah.
    Happiness then despair.

    How can one’s trust the sound of each note when knowing it is done for an ad.

  12. I hope the irony isn’t lost on anyone that they wasted a boatload of wood to make a one-time only ad disguised as a musical performance and set it in a beautiful forest.
    Still circling the drain…

  13. lovely.absolutely lovely.

  14. Ohhh! This was outstanding. Good job evryone involved.

  15. made my day also. obrigada ; )

  16. What can I say…………. unbelievable……. peaceful………. stunning ………….. in its creation and to achieve the musical tunes they wanted not an easy task at all!!!!!

    Thanks to all the people involved.

  17. I wonder if the advertising and wood complainers are self-supporting.

    Wood is a renewable resource and, agreeing with Eizabeth, it’s nice when someone is paid for their very creative and entertaining work.

  18. the peepers and the toads stayed with it all the way through
    while the birds did tea ceremony in the trees…

    then all movement stopped to watch the ball dance its
    way down

    while all the orchestras that ever played it had a joyous

  19. all those micro adjustments. all the time in the forest. the backup sound of the wind. great.

  20. Is this true? Not sure.

  21. Wow, thank you to all who participated in making this video. Wonderful sounds, in the forest and the wooden xylophone.

  22. Amazing efforts as well as the location in the forest makes this music presented by wooded instrument difficult to describe.

  23. Creative—imaginative—-GENUIS!
    I hope you reaped as much joy and delight in doing this as we all did in watching,
    thanks so much for sharing your gifts!!!

  24. Just amazing. Well done.

  25. Ditto to all of the above. For the first time in my life, I am speechless.

  26. too cool for words

  27. The owners/designers and caretakers of this unusual and creative piece of craftmanship should look to see if anyone involved with a JS Bach museum in Germany would be interested in putting it on display. It’s truly one of the most innovative tributes to the master tha I’ve ever seen

  28. What a waste of wood. How many trees died for this nonsense?
    For what a cell phone ad. Not to mention what a waste of time and money it was.
    If you want to impress people, why not do something useful like helping the homeless, the impoverished, or the many unemployed in America!
    This is a useless ad and a waste. Wake up America!

  29. Poor SuzyAnne. I bet some of the homeless, the impoverished or the many unemployed would derive great joy from this creative effort whether it is an ad or just a lovely piece of work. To call it useless and a waste tells us a lot about impoverished SuzyAnne. Wood is renewable. If everyone thought about how useful something might be a great many beautiful works of art, whether music, sculpture, literature or any other form imaginable, would never have been created. How ‘useful’ is “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” anyway?

  30. Marvelous! Can’t imagine!

  31. Poor Bach, he sells everybody’s stuff; I make a point of turning off the sound when I hear that ubiquitous cello suite shilling everything from investment banking to Prilosec… and ‘Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring’ played randomly by a robotic wooden ball, philosophically, I find surprisingly obnoxious. If I treated a piece of Shinto or Muslim religious music the same way I would be condemned.

  32. I loved the beautiful soft clunk of the wooden ball on the keys. I appreciate that timeless melody for the beautiful piece of simplicity that it is. Thanks to the artists that worked on it.

  33. Fantastic, absolutely inspirational. Who cares if it’s for advertising, surely better than ads are things of beauty rather than just hard-selling naff rubbish. I found this so uplifting, and at a time when I need to be uplifted. Thank you.

  34. From the Green design website (“Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World”)

    “Docomo Builds Gigantic Wooden Rube Goldberg Xylophone in the Forest: TOUCH WOOD cell phones, which we’ve written about before, are made from scrap wood, so it makes sense that this ad should use a tree-filled backdrop. . . . The pebble-like phones were developed in conjunction with Sharp, Olympus, and a reforestation project called “more trees.” ”

    So we can all relax about the ecological implications and appreciate (or not) the music.

  35. That was absolutely amazing. Here I thought true craftsmanship was a bygone thing – but no more. May God be praised through their creativity.

  36. Awesome, stunning, what a creative mind. Thanks

  37. Compared to some of the other “dribble” and mind-numbing ads we’re subjected to on a daily basis, this is truly awesome. It was pure joy to watch this through to the end…..kudos to all involved!!!

  38. if this makes anyone unfamiliar with ‘jesu, joy of man’s desiring’ want to hear it again, or learn about bach, or hum it later, it’s all good. music is too universal a language to be hoarded by the few. in his day bach belonged to anyone who went to church. remember: he composed on comission to feed his enormous family. i think this would have made him smile. bravo to the geniuses who assembled this.

  39. Trees died for this?

  40. As I child, I learned every note of this beautiful music and learned to play it. This is a marvelous achievement and brings delight to all who love fine music. Could we separate those who love music and those who don’t?

  41. how many trees have to be cut just to make a this musical score?
    100? its mindless.

  42. What a wonderful combination of nature and music!

  43. In this country, at least, it is very important to create wood and paper products which require a living, sustaining forest, of which only a part is cut from time to time, leaving the rest to survive and thrive.

    Without the continuing need for wood and paper, the forest loses its value AS a forest, and is much more likely to be cut down and turned into a strip mall with fast food restaurants and retail stores that no one really cares about. The self-appointed “critics” of this use of trees for beauty should really think through the whole reality before starting up their whine-engines.


  45. Great great video. Thank you to the phone company who paid for it. If it weren’t for them, I would never have seen such a marvelous thing.

  46. wow… can’t imagine how long it took to make this happen. I want in on a project like that! Cool.

  47. Muy bueno, el sonido, el bosque…linda idea.

  48. a beautifully imaginative symphony of sound & setting

  49. an ad?! never expected it to be..

    But its just…. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! xD

    Bye for now,

    Emilynn <3

  50. Just a thought for those disappointed in the commercialization of the masterpiece: many, many artists were employed by the courts of the day. In other words, they were writing these masterpieces for money. Yes, it is true… Everyone has to eat. In fact, if it weren’t for those who pay for art, not a lot of it would be created. Bravo to the creators of this gorgeous creation!

  51. Completely amazing – who on earth had such a wonderful vision, and then organised all the work to put it into practice. Thank you

  52. Soo much work. I used to play bells and this is awesome.
    Thank you. Will send this on to the bells choir director. She will love this.

  53. All I can say is WOW That is AWSOME…Those people have such Talent..

  54. FASCINATING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. You mean to tell me that those greedy capitalists are trying to hoodwink us again!? Too bad they don’t create this kind of thing for free, like us altruistic marxist communists are always doing….making valuable beautiful costly stuff and giving it away….for free.
    That’s why you can trust us a lot because we work very hard…for free.

  56. aww give it a break you guys. It was cool !!

  57. “This giant wooden xylophone just made my day. I want to hug every single person that was involved in making this happen.”
    You don’t like married people?
    p.s.You do know who this tune is about…right? Not phones.

  58. wt…!

  59. all I can is wow wow that was something.

  60. Absolutely AMAZING!!! WOW!! What a blessing.

  61. I found the creation of this instrument to be creative…entertaining…inspiring…and forever fascinating. I have great admiration for the imagination of the creators…a challenge to us all.

  62. This touched my heart so deeply! Thanks so much for sharing this with me! BRAVO!

  63. I love this, as I love the piece, Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring. Bach in the woods sums up the emotional resonance of the music for me, with peace, tranquility, and spirituality combined.

  64. I was fascinated, inspired and wonderfully happy throughout. Nothing moves me as much as music
    that is so unexpectedly joyous yet serene. I loved
    the movement of the deer in the trees. Even the
    recognize beauty when they hear it.

    I will pass this on to my children and grandchildren.
    They will all be deeply impressed.

    Thank you sharing with us.

    Rose Anne

  65. Who is that tune about?

  66. I smiled the entire time, It was fabulous. must have taken a long time and many hands!!!!

  67. It must have been a little eerie for the trees: “Gosh! Is that how I’m going to end up?”


  69. I agree w/ poster Elizabeth. Why is it a problem that it’s an ad? I like this 100x better than some boring ad with a talking head telling me I should buy something. Funded creativity is still creativity, and most of us don’t have the time/money to do this kind of thing without backing of some kind.

  70. The tune is a hymn, “Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring”, by J.S. Bach.
    Very skillfully done! What ad? Didn’t even notice.

  71. Think of the jobs which people who do this kind of thing create. The mature among us realize that jobs don’t just pop out of legislation, and that products don’t pop out of stores or machines.
    Get a job! Make something! Appreciate the behind-the-scenes WORK that goes into things.
    For Pete’s sake, buy things from advertisers like this! The fact that one did not even notice the ad almost makes it a bad ad!

    Imagine not noticing your local G[overnment] M[otors] screaming (oh, so cutely) at the camera. For Pete’s sake I boycott crap sold by ad-makers like that.

    Deepen-down, people. Think.

  72. the best part was the when the ball stopped moving

  73. What a wonderful way to start a day!

  74. This is absolutely beautiful, regardless of whether or not the motivation was commercial. It was a stroke of genious. N.Brawley

  75. To all who participated in creating this extraordinarily beautiful piece, joiing nature and music….BRAVO!,BRAVO! BRAVO!

  76. Stunning! I love the imagination and creativity-not to mention the execution of the idea. Bravo!!!!!!

  77. Very interesting, I what they could do if they really put their minds to it.

  78. I just returned from my morning walk in the woods. I intend to keep it up until I am 100. So I hope. Lotte

  79. I always wonder, what if the composer were somehow able to be here now, to see that his work has endured and morphed into so many other fields, to be able to know he is loved and known so many years after his death. After all, Bach was often denigrated in his own time for being out of date and dated. It is a terrible irony that so many towering figures were not known or if they were, in a very minor way. The lesson seems to be: do your work, fiercely and if necessary in isolation, but do it.

  80. Nice point, Sam.
    Why not assume the composer IS able to watch. It’s more fun!
    Still, yes, DO YOUR WORK!

  81. Absoutley Awesome.

  82. Elegant execution, certainly. But I’m very happy indeed with the background ambient. I hope that no trace was left in the woods when they left, and that no one is inspired to graft perhaps less elegant things onto the face of nature, to deleterious effect.

  83. Epic win definently. BD

    Really cool forest feel, nice natural acoustics, and awesome project. This has offically made me jealous xD

  84. Fascinating

  85. All of the art in the Vatican is advertising–for Christianity. In fact, Bach’s “Jesu” is itself a celebration of Christianity. Is that any reason to denigrate it as art? Why can’t advertising be art? United Airlines used Gershwin’s “Rhapsody In Blue” as its corporate theme for years. Was that exploitation?

  86. Not only is it an incredible waste of wood, time and energy, they had the audacity to set this up in the woods to disturb all the wildlife with their nonsense. There must have been construction and camera crews in an otherwise pristine area. All done to promote a product and make money. SAD.

  87. Making money! Whast a concept! The last humorless and atonal commentator needs to look around his stunningly stupid person to see a few products he neds that are not nearly as aesthetically pleasing and awe-inspiring as this xylophone in the woods. Prissy and self serving.

  88. i love the ingenuity of the human spirit. Long may it continue to grow.

  89. !dissapointed – NO SOUND!

  90. This is amazing!!!

  91. thanks offering nature and mausic 2gather

  92. I can never get enough of the video. Amazing people who did this. Thank you for showing it to the world.
    Merry Christmas to all.

  93. what wonderfully inspired minds to have taken the time and patience to produce this piece of inspiring magic! I could feast on the sound all day ! Soft gentle natural, This convinces me that God created us to enjoy nature music and pure talent!! Thank you for making my day.

  94. In His image…little creators…and little appreciators.

  95. Fabulous….thank you for sharing all the hard and lengthy work. So what if it is an ad…it was better than turning your T.V. on………..Magnificent!

  96. Forest is always full of music – u made more enjoyable in unique way

  97. Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. How creative and so very enjoyable.

  99. Man has finally brought beauty and nourishment to our ever giving Mother Nauture. I too want to hug all involved

  100. What a precious gift this was today! Bless you… all… who were involved in anyway!

  101. This is so beautiful, that I’m unable to even find the right words! Thank you, everyone, who was involved in the incredible project!
    May God bless you!

  102. Wow. What a work but what a sound …….amazingly beautiful !!!

  103. Awesome!!!

  104. That was wonderful! That was a lot of work for everyone involved and what a unique idea.

  105. Ditto Elizabeth and Joan. Creative! Isn’t that how the Creator made us?

  106. Absolutely brilliant! I’m so impressed with the ‘engineering’ and ‘musical talent’ required to create such a thing of beauty! And as othes have said below, I’m glad these talented folks were paid for their efforts. Why not?!!

  107. Am I the only one that suspects this video is animated?

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