Log with Headband

This Log with Headband and Wrist Band illustration by Marc Johns just made me laugh out loud. My studiomates Jason and Rob can attest that. I heart Marc John’s sense of humor. What would the world be without a little bit of absurdity sprinkled ontop?

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  1. what rolls down stairs
    alone or in pairs
    and over the neighbor’s dog
    what great for a snack
    it fits on your back
    its log…log…log

    it’s log, it’s log
    it’s big it’s heavy it’s wood

    it’s log, it’s log
    it’s better than bad it’s GOOD.

  2. Funny…reminds me of Paul Davis work a little :)

  3. Tina,

    I find this post bordering on malicious (to say nothing of brazen insensitivity) in light of the recent death in which a woman was killed by a felled tree.
    I guess you don’t read the news?


  4. Head and wrist bands = very eighties. Very funny!

  5. The Royal Tenembaum! (Richie in particular…)

  6. this is the log that made it to woodstock

  7. Very funny, made me laugh! :)

  8. Change the color to red and he will look like rambo lol