I know, I know, I might as well just start a blog dedicated to just robots… But bear with me, and check out Robole. What an amazing toy. The possibilities are endless as all the pieces connect via magnets. I am giddy over this and Robole just jumped on the very top of my #wishlist. Now if only I spoke Polish.

robole (prodiż © 2010) from prodiż on Vimeo.

(via Stilsucht)

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  1. Or maybe just enough Polish to find out where to buy one!

  2. This is super cool. Are they available to buy??

  3. This project made it into the final of the “make me!” competition which was part of the Łódź design festival.

    You will be “soon” able to purchase them online.

    The address below the facebook logo belongs to the company.

  4. Nice to see polish project here :) Just great design!

  5. haha, Robole, nice one :) you should include a beer bottle part too ;)

  6. Every kid would get a kick out of this and hours of entertainment, especially very young kids who love the quality of every shifting, compound toys….

  7. thank you for posting! we got avalanche of positive feedback. we will let you know as soon as we release the first series – which is to happen soon.

    stay tuned,
    follow us on facebook:

  8. Just click EN on the upper right corner to view that page in English!