Modern World Map Print

I am tempted to buy this giant world map to keep track of all the CreativeMornings chapters that are going to launch over the course of the next few months. It’s a hand-pulled silkscreen print by iscreenyouscreen on Etsy. Pretty!

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  1. doesn’t it bother you that it is in wrong scale?

  2. Agree. Go Peters!

  3. Where’s Hawai’i? :-|

  4. Very nice. Certainly wouldn’t be displaying it in that frame, but yeah, go for it.

  5. I highly recommend you this ones, way cooler! :)

  6. scales not a problem cause of the projection, but most of the islands in northern canada are missing as well as a few in russia.

  7. I can find a vector of the world on google and get it printed and framed as well. This is less than exciting.

  8. I HATE this! Newfoundland, is the total wrong shape. bleh.

  9. Hello!
    Yes, yes – I am well aware it is out of scale and missing islands – I’m surprised nobody pointed out that Cuba, Haiti and DR etc. along with trinidad and tobago on up are all magically one island as well – but hey, It’s meant to look nice not teach geography. Criticisms always help on the next pieces, any suggestions?

    HUGE thanks for all the support and traffic we have received from this website – we’re a small scale husband and wife (and baby) team printing from our apartment and this has been an absolute blessing!

  10. I think this print is absolutely perfect! I checked out their shop on etsy and it’s amazing! I will definately be buying some prints from them.

  11. I LOVE THIS!!! Definitely going to get this to put on my living room wall! Beautiful artistry.. I can’t wait to look at the rest of their work…

  12. Nice! I think this print would look great on the wall.

  13. Aside from the angles, twists and other presumably artistic impressions of the world map – for me, would have been much nicer had it been based on the Peters, Winkel Tripel, or Robinsons projections; and not the much exaggerated Mercator projection that grossly misrepresents the size of the northern hemisphere w.r.t. everything else.

    Small example: Greenland here is shown to be almost the size of Africa.
    In reality, Geenland’s area is 0.8 million square miles, while Africa has 11.6 million square miles.

  14. What a great post! I love that print; it would look great in our black-based bedroom!

    I just went to their Etsy site.. what amazing stuff! I know where my next couple paychecks are going.. ;)

  15. Nice i really like it. Very clean!


  16. It’s beautiful as artwork, but inaccurate as a map. Greenland is actually about the size of Peru….but on that map, it’s as big as all of South America. Check out Arno Peters’ map…it’s the only one that accurately shows size – it sacrifices shape, but the shape distortion is 2:1 – where as the size distortion of the shared map is 4:1.

    And I LOVE your blog!!
    Mathyann R.

  17. theres a similar getogether happening in Cape town for creatives.. is this one on your list ?

  18. I wonder if they make their own screens?

  19. Yes we make all of our screens, Some are crazy huge.

  20. you should check out some of the work at
    they have really nice large maps in the correct proportion