Robot Stencil Kit

This Robot Stencil Kit looks like so much fun. Yay for robots!

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  1. Hey Tina,

    I’ve really been enjoying this track by Alessi’s Ark called ‘The Robot’. I’m sure you’ll appreciate being the fanatic robot fan that you are.


    PS I can almost visualize a cute quirky video for this already!

  2. a real “gadget” – with haptic sensuality, to animate not only kids using their hands, pens on a real paper. REAL fun.

  3. LOVE IT – MUST HAVE! :) This would make a great gift to any generally or technically nerdy friend! :)

  4. I am so going to get one of these. Thanks, Tina!

  5. I might or might not have bought one of these at the Coppola Winery about a year ago.
    I might or might not have also bought the dinosaur version…

    They’re ridiculously fun. Just use colored pencils, not the lame pens they come with.

  6. I am definitely buying these. My 2 year old son is really into robots, and though he’s too young to really use them well, at least now I can be a robot drawing genius!

  7. I saw them couple days ago in Scottish National Gallery Of Modern Art, but I am not so enthusiastic about these stencils.