SHORT++ from Adi Marom on Vimeo.

SHORT++ explores the possibility of making height an interactive variable that can be modified in real-time and how it would reshape interaction between people. The interactive robotic shoes are being activated by an iPhone application. Designed by Adi Marom.

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  1. It’s nice to know people will design alternatives to what is generally accepted as the only reality.

    …but sometimes it’s not ready yet.

    Also, if this is controlled wirelessly by an iPhone… where do those wires go? What do they connect to? WHERE IS SHE HIDING THE BATTERY PACK?!

  2. They look very comfortable too. ;) Kudos to the idea, though.

  3. she’s not that short although i wanted it to go higher :-)

  4. @Simon. Wouldn’t it be great if she could go up like 20 ft? No need for an elevator if she’s just going to the second floor.

  5. cool idea. too bad it makes her walk like a robot.
    would like to see a device that can make people shorter!

  6. Wouldn’t it be easier to just wear a high heel. Like a Christian Louboutin Platform – and you won’t walk like a dork. Looks extremely uncomfortable and definitely awkward for walking.

  7. Seems like it would attract *more* attention to one’s shortness rather than overcome it. I doubt I could have a serious conversation with anyone standing on these.