Field Kitchen

This field kitchen would come in really handy at casa swissmiss these days. Why? Well, for the past 6 weeks G, our kids and I have been living in a tiny fraction of our new apartment, sans kitchen, as we are doing construction on the rest of it. Interesting set-up, to say the least. Having to make do with a microwave and a tiny fride, I am literally having dreams of owning a stove!

So, discovering this Field Kitchen in my submissions inbox made me chuckle and realize just how desperate I am to cook my own food again.

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  1. I can totally see this being used to great effect at random concerts and festivals. Instant grilled cheese sandwich station.

  2. Rad!! I think a person could DIY one much cheaper, but this has a great look.

  3. A TINY FRIDE!!!
    This is my new favourite way of saying ‘fridge’.

  4. I completely agree with Prescott, your bbq at the festival campsite will be the envy of all the other festival goers. It seems as though it could even endure the rotten weather that is almost a prerequisite for every British festival this year. However i’m struggling to see where the fuel for the stove goes, any ideas?