Pen Type-A : A minimal pen

Completely loving this Kickstarter Project by Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy for a super minimal pen called Pen Type-A. Totally backing this! You?

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  1. Very cool and stylish. So: backed.

  2. Very stylish. The backing has been incredible for this pen, so well done to the designers.

  3. As an experienced design consultant having worked with both top brands and top firms, and someone who has pitched and listened to presentations, you were out in the first 30 seconds.

    Treat your presentation with as much thought as your design.

  4. Seems to have worked for them.

  5. So, it’s basically a very expensive ruler ‘case’, which holds a pen?

    But at some point you still have to throw away the pen, right??

    Oh, and you can’t use the ruler (which no-one mentioned in the ‘presentation’) to make a line with the pen, because you need the ruler the hold the pen??

    Terrible, terrible idea and does nothing to promote a reduction is waste or better use of materials.

  6. No no…you replace the pen with cartridges normally for a disposable pen line. It actually *reduces* waste. The pen itself is steel and likely very well made and balanced, knowing Chei-Wei and Taylor.

  7. I can’t get over the terrible ergonomics of this pen. It may be stylish, but having absolutely no grip on the pen makes it unusable to anyone with hand/nerve/muscle impairments or general writing impairments.

  8. They are so cute in the video!

  9. If I don’t need the ruler, why don’t I just get a LAMY?

  10. Very inspiring! I really like the idea to create you own pen, get support from people from all over the world. Thanks for posting and supporting this, it inspired me to write something as well.

  11. Nice design ! Funny sound Pok :)