Punchfork uses real-time data like tweets and Facebook shares to measure which recipes are grabbing the attention of users. Their proprietary rating system assigns each recipe a popularity score from 1 to 100. The higher a recipe’s score, the more it has been talked about and shared on the web.

Traditional recipe sites list page after page of search results in no discernible order. With Punchfork, you see only the highest quality recipes, presented in a beautiful magazine-like visual layout.

punchfork.com has me incredibly excited: I love you Internet!

(via brainpicker)

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  1. Is it just me or is it strange you can’t sign in on this site with Twitter?

    Love the idea though!

  2. Have you checked out Foodgawker? http://foodgawker.com/

  3. This Punchfork is superb thanks for that

  4. We’re surprised that no one thought of this sooner, but we’re glad that there is a site the provides this service now. It’s always interesting to see what recipes are trending. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  5. This is so great, I just added my site, then spent about 30min getting lost!

  6. Great site, and really minimal design – it really gets to the point. “I want something to eat – give me what’s hot”.

    Plus it’s cool to see they’re using GoSquared for their stats!

  7. Hey. Great inspiration! It’s fine to see, that there are recipe-sites with modern webdesign and new ideas. I am also working on a german recipe-website and try to find as much innovations as possible to make cooking simple. Maybe you have a look on http://anycook.de and tell us some feedback or ideas. It’s only beta status, but already very fast. We’re two students at bauhaus university weimar and try to make a cooking-community by the way. We would be grateful for your feedback.

    Greets, Daniel