The Illuminated Mixtapes

Adam Parks runs a site called The Illuminated Mixtapes. If features a series of mixtapes he put online for streaming, each including an illustrated cover.

(How much do I love the internets? It enables sharing and creating like nothing else. Yay Internet!)

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  1. Wow. Most blatant copyright infringement yet. As a professional in this industry, it is sad to see Swiss Miss promote this.

  2. If you like that check out

  3. Kenn, but don’t you think a lot of people end up buying an album because they discovered it on this site?

  4. wun-der-schön. danke für den tipp.

  5. I’m with Swissmiss on this one. Because of a similar site, I purchased some records just last week. Maybe I’m not that tech savvy, but I assume these are not free downloads of the music, but more like Pandora with a twist.

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  7. Apparently his shows have gotten a ltitle better then when he first started touring back in the day. I went to his show in Indy, and while he was only out there roughly 50 minutes hour (way too short for $40 in my opionion), he still killed it for the short time he was out there. Played Kush and OJ songs as well as songs from his old mixtapes and even threw a new guy in there. I would give his live performance another shot, and since your going to Coachella, you will be able to.

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