Let’s Meet And Work

Let’s Meet and Work is a curated map of nice cafés, museums, libraries, etc that provide good working conditions for freelancers. At the moment it’s purely London based, but Alasdair Monk wants to expand it to NYC within the coming months. Yes, please!

UPDATE: Alasdair is taking recommendations for the NYC map.

(thank you Daniel)

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  1. Dang…I would love a Boston version! But haven’t been here long enough to start my own :)

  2. we find this post really creative for this reason we retweet it..keep going.!!

  3. Brilliant idea. Very useful indeed. No doubt this will expand quickly.

  4. I would love a Boston version as well!

  5. Love the idea…but….

    It’s the Time Out New York (or London) Effect™. If a place is actually a quiet, not too crowded spot to get wi-fi and have a meeting…if it’s mentioned constantly in print or on the web, its days of being such an ideal place willy be numbered

  6. i vote for chicago, too ;)

  7. Baltimore/D.C. please!

  8. Roosevelt Hotel on Mad & 45th – not sure of wifi but quiet & comfy!

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  10. Gjøvik, Norway please! Despite it’s a small town, we are quite a few freelancers looking for cheap and quiet places to work. Not only the town library…….

  11. Smart things! Love Chicago