Sugru Hacking Putty

I don’t know about your iPhone cables but mine break, right where the cable attaches to the connector. My friends over at Holstee found a perfect hack: SUGRU PUTTY.

Team SUGRU (gaelic for play) was tired of not being able to fix broken gadgets, so they developed SUGRU, a moldable silicone that is sticky like Super-Glue and fun to use like Play-Doh:

1) Roll it to warm it up
2) Mold it the way you want it
3) Let it cure for 24 hours

Brilliant? YES! Order SUGRU over at Holstee.

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  1. it’s a great product – so many uses

  2. Why do we need this? I thought our products were perfect!

  3. Sugru is brilliant!
    I fixed my macbook pro using sugru.

  4. This is perfect! Thank you for sharing. I’ve been having this problem for the longest time with my iPhone charger and electric tape just hasnt been cutting it. :]

  5. are you advertising for this stuff?

  6. Macbookpro black feet replaced with sugru. Originals imposiible to find

  7. I used this to fix a leaky radiator and my laptop feet. LEGENDARY stuff.

  8. awesome stuff. I used it to fix my shoes where bits had come off.

  9. Anyone looking to buy for the UK or EU market can buy directly from Junk Skull –

  10. Ahh, SO many iPhone/iPod cords could have been saved/ resurrected over the years in my house if only I had been aware of such a convenient patch kit… great find.

  11. i have been trying to remember the name of this stuff for months!


  12. amazing!!!! i want one

  13. You can use this stuff to form custom earbuds!