M Bag

M. Only the Swiss will understand.

(Yes, I am a Migroskind)

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  1. not only swiss, but also turks! :)


  2. Oh yes, I do understand…. ! And they have really cute ads :-)

  3. Or recent Swiss tourists! <3 Migros

  4. Some slam poetry to all you “Migroskinder” out there:


    Gabriel Vetter is great!

    Cheers, Nina

  5. I love it and I can totally feel your passion for the orange “M”!

    Once a Migroskind, always a Migroskind…

  6. Or people lucky enough to have spent some time there. The most liberally conservative country on earth!

  7. And its 50% off!

  8. Thcibo is so much better, they have the cutes things & coffee! :)

  9. This is the perfect bag for me! My favorite colour is orange and my name starts with M! And it looks beautiful!


  10. please explain, i want to know!

  11. Migros is a supermarket chain in Switzerland and the orange M is the logo symbol ;) http://www.migros.ch/de

  12. Oh do I miss Migros … or any grocery store I could just walk to …..!

  13. How can one love a supermarket that doesn’t sell booze? Coop all the way!

  14. Not only Swiss but Mexicans or at least me! I miss Migros!!

  15. Migros— migros Mi grossmueter kauft nur im Consum! Does anybody else know that joke?

  16. wow – many swiss ’round here it seems. Well I’d rather see a bag in the typical M-Budget look – i associate it more with Migros than the “big M”. But i’m more for the small independent grocery stores – Biolädeli FTW

  17. and turkish! we still have migros.

  18. Omg, have you seen the chocoglace hoodie??? I used to have them all the time in the summer. I really want that hoodie :-)