Plywerk perfected an easy, elegant, and eco-conscious way to exhibit artwork and photos without the clunky and expensive frame, glass and mat. They print, mount and ship the Plywerk right to your door. How? 1) upload your image 2) select finishing options 3) wait for your handmade Plywerk to be delivered into your loving arms.

Cool? Y-E-S!


(thank you Garrett)

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  1. Ah, while it does have stylistic appeal, the lack of glass sort of ignores the real reason why glass is there — to protect the display item from general environmental hazards (UV light, cigarette smoke, etc.) but also keeps dust off the actual item, making cleaning it once in a while both easier and inherently non-destructive.

    So this is fine for throwaway stuff like store-bought posters and the like, it’s hardly any good for things you truly wish to retain for decades, like artwork, signed prints, or expensive-to-replace photographs.

    Function should be as well considered as form.