TeuxDeux Part Deux

If you read my blog regularly, you probably know about the to do list application that I built with Fictive Kin called TeuxDeux.

It’s been one of the most rewarding projects that I’ve ever worked on and I happily use it every day. It feels great to use your own product and it feels even better to know that nearly 200k people have signed up and loved it as well.

That said, as a product, it doesn’t really make much money (largely due to the fact that web version is free and we only charge $2.99 for the iphone app) and so we’ve had a very difficult time getting it the attention it deserves. After talking with my team, we realize that we need help. We’d like to hire a developer to help us implement the great road map of features that have been staring us in the face for a while.

More details to come, but if you are a great developer and you like our app, we’d love to hear from you. Email us.

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  1. For those of us with Android, could you please create the same app for our platform? I have no desire to get an i-anything, so it would be nice to be able to get this nifty app for Android.

  2. HI there… your link is wrong. FYI.

  3. hehe! Link is not working but we get to see the funny 404 swissmisspage :) Nice!

    Good luck with your project. We loved TeuxDeux and I am sure we gonna love DeuxTeuxDeux too!

  4. “…implement the great road map of features…”

    D: Please don’t change a thing! It is so wonderfully simple! (Unless you mean making it more elegant on the back-end, then have it.)

  5. I dont’ say this very often, but where can I donate some $$$ to the cause? I love TD and like you, I use it everyday. (And that shit gets filled beyond belief)

  6. Great! I want to donate some money to this if it’s needed and possible. How?

    High five,

  7. There is a 3rd party app for Android. It does not have all of the functionality of the iphone app, but the developer did do a nice job. (I’m not affiliated–just sayin’).

  8. kickstarter?

  9. I use TeuxDeux every single day (even on my days off!), and it is probably the only application I’ve found that lets me organize myself. It’s just so pretty in how minimalist it is! Totally my aesthetic.

    I love how simple it is, but am excited to know that you’re trying to expand it! I wish I was an app developer just to help you along, but will totally be on board if you get a Kickstarter thing going!

  10. I use Action Method and would love it if Behance would pick this up as a sleeker UI. I need more categories but dig the simple TD layout.

  11. Wonderful application and website. Use it all the time. Was never a GTD or to-do list kind of guy until I found Teux Deux.

    Where can I donate a few buck, since it’s so worth it to me.

  12. I was using TeuxDeux, but i miss the Android App to much.
    So i changed to Wunderlilst (http://www.6wunderkinder.com/wunderlist/)
    They have a App for evrything.
    Honestly, Wunderlist os beder them TeuxDeux!

  13. meh, i just registered for wunderlist, it’s okay…. not as good as TD.
    I will donate $$$ to a TD kickstarter.

  14. After reading this, I really wanted to get TeuxDeux – but turns out it’s not a free app like you said?

  15. Oh my bad, I see now, that the web app is free, it’s just the iPhone app that isn’t.

  16. While I am not a developer, I *am* another one whose professional life has been made easier, and much more manageable, through the use of TD. Looking forward to what’s next. I’ll also echo the sentiment of being willing to support a kickstarter or some kind of donation to it’s continued development.

  17. I’d also love to register my love for Teux Deux.

    I feel a little left out as a blackberry user, but it’s such an elegant solution on the desktop, I can’t imagine using anything else.

    A few office mates have become converts too. :)

  18. I AM a developer, and actually would be quite interested in working on this project. What kind of languages are being used to run the web app? Or more specifically, what kind of technical requirements are you looking for in a Developer? If you could please provide some more info, I would greatly appreciate it!

  19. Wow! We are seriously flattered by the support and the willingness to donate money. We are totally not set up for that, but might consider adding a donate button. We heart you.

  20. Tina:

    What if you offered a TD developer challenge, where developers came and pitched YOU their ideas / services? The winner could get 3-6 months space in your Lab, recognition on the Blog, and perhaps first crack at other projects going on in your space.

  21. I’d love to join in developing, but I think I’m not good enough to work at your level, although I do admire your work, and would love to be part of it.

  22. Really awesome to hear there might be new features to come. Can I put in a cheeky vote for recurring items :) Best of luck finding a developer, and I am another of those happy to throw a few dollars to say thanks for this very handy tool.

  23. the app isn’t free.. $2.99 in the store..so you ARE making money.

    aside from looking better than some of the competition, functionality is lacking. I bought a different app for .99 and works better. just sayin.

    others have unresponded issues with the app as well .. so maybe your customer service model should be addressed before amassing donations from all these people

  24. Very much looking forward to see any improvements to this wonderful site, however its simplicity is its strongest asset, so hopefully it doesn’t become over-engineered.

  25. Please, please, please take down the job ad and leave Teuxdeux alone. It’s perfect just as it is, both on the web and on the iPhone. Alternatively, make the ad for a developer to work on an as yet unimagined app, and pile all your fresh ideas into that. Then you have two potential revenue streams. Makes sense to me.

  26. I’m in love with TeuxDeux and use it daily. It’s simple & beautiful & 100% responsible for keeping me on track.

  27. I love TeuxDeux. It’s replaced my previous to-do app. I don’t say this often, but it’s just brilliant. Couldn’t imagine how you could make something better.

    I would certainly donate.

  28. If you want to make more money, then you should create an Android app. Just my two cents…

  29. still my absolute favourite app

  30. Thanks everyone for all these supportive comments. Team TeuxDeux is smiling. And please don’t worry, we won’t have feature-creep happen. We will keep the app simple as it is, we just want to make sure it works smoothly across all platforms and add a few minor updates.

  31. +1 on keeping it basic. If a marketing data point helps I would’ve paid 5 bucks for the iphone app. Lastly why no FB etc. like buttons anywhere? I’d click the shit out those. :)

  32. Well, I really, really like Teux Deux. At least 10 or 15 friends of mine have started using it after my enthusiastic recommendations…

    However I do have a question about it:
    Is it possible to tag long term appointments? I’ve been trying to schedule something within two weeks, but my Teux Deux last day on the calendar is Saturday, the 15th of October. Is it normal, some sort of bug, or is the website being discontinued that soon?

    Anyways, thanks so much for creating such a neat and useful tool.

  33. Android version, please.

  34. Sooooo goooood to read!!!! TD is fantastic. We really love it, but as it is now, it isnt really working on the i-pad. Really looking forward to the app updates!!!!

  35. iPad app PLEASE!

  36. I’d really want a native iPad app and sync with Google Tasks. This way its value would sky rocket and the perfect simplistic UI stay untouched. I’d definitely pay for that if it happened.

  37. How’s the update coming?

  38. I wanted to get this app because of a friend’s rave reviews but I have an android phone. Will there be an Android version out soon? I don’t even work for you all and I am feeling so much love from existing customers. Looking for the Android app.

  39. I used and LOVED this app with my iPhone. After a long long wait for an iPad version, though, I gave up and went with apple’s built-in REMINDERS. I periodically check back to see what’s up, though, because I miss TeuxDeux. As soon as an iPad app becomes available I’ll be back! Your blog mentions waiting until you can make the iPad app take advantage of all the iPad grooviness. May I say? Just keep it the same, but size it for an iPad screen and let it synch with iPhone and desktop. I don’t need or want a bunch of fanciness, but do want it do look like it belongs on the iPad, not on the iPhone magnified to fuzziness. Thanks.

  40. I really like it so far.
    I would love a search function (at least on the web side.)
    And, a way to upload completed tasks (that way I could port all my old junk from way back when to one place, and be done with outlook/ical. This interface is much better!!

  41. For all Android User: There is a App for TeuxDeux called “JeuxDeux”. So you can use TeuxDeux on your Android device too:

  42. What is the status of this? I love Teuxdeux!

  43. it’s great. well done!

  44. Ipad app – double please.

  45. must have as an ipad app, please please please! it’s been over a year since this originally posted :( would love it to be the same thing, just sized for an ipad screen.

  46. Please please please release an ipad version!
    (Just a simple replication of what you already have).
    Just got an ipad mini for chistmas but I can’t find a simple To Do app like the teuxdeux that I use on my mac and iPhone!

  47. PS: I, and I’m sure many others, would not mind paying for your ipad app…

  48. I will just add my request to the list…


    There may be a similar 3rd party app but I bet it won’t sync to the website!

  49. Ok, correction, there is one that does… try todo today but it doesn’t look as nice! I bet you’d do it better!

  50. I’d just want you to add support for multiple accounts in an intuitive way (maybe toggles up above). I would not like bloat of multiple features. Maybe allowing bolding of more important tasks, but will live without it.

  51. One idea that will fit in nicely without too much change to your design is a whiteboard of lists. Right now the only dimension is weekdays. If you could change that to the dimension of user-defined lists, that would be very useful for certain use cases.

    I find that a weekday-based to-do list works very effectively for workplace task management. But it just does not work for home or personal tasks. Those invariably fit in separate categories, need to be done en bloc, and have fungible dates, and if the dates move, they too do so en bloc. Multiple lists next to each other, like multiple days are presented right now, would do this work nicely.

  52. Will pay dearly for either an android app, a windows 8 app or a tre iPad app. The iPhone, as it is built now, is just to small, screen-wise. please rethink.

  53. Please add iPad!!

    I would pay for that and a subscription if you had it. Without it, I am seriously considering alternatives.

  54. I’m going to echo much of the above coolness praise with a 2015 update.

    Teux Deux is still the best thing for me teux plan the things I deux.

    I’m signed up and still hoping on that iPad version to complete the TeuxDeux influence in my life! I NEED it!!

    No doubting it’s a great product tho.