Split Decision Pie Pan

If dessert time at your house sounds like this, “I want apple pie”. “No’ let’s have pecan pie!” … then you’ll need the Split Decision Pie Pan. Why bake one, when you can do two at the same time. The ingenious Split Decision Pie Pan includes two inserts for creating either a traditional full size pie, or two halves.

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  1. Love this! There’s a comedian Brian Regan who does a very funny bit about ‘splitting a pie’ …

  2. Great idea…unless they cook at different temperatures…or times…

  3. Hi Swiss Miss, Spoons here. Thanks so much for featuring the Split Decision Pie Pan. It’s our new favorite product.

  4. This is awful! What kind of evil hearted individual thinks it better to make LESS pie? Please, continue to make two entire pies if you really can’t decide.

  5. This is an example of poor design. Different cooking times mean this tray is useless for all but a few exceptions.

  6. Great Idea! Thanks for the post..

  7. I would simply just bake two cakes. and they would “disappear” as fast as two halfs.

  8. Fun concept but can’t help feel its all a bit too novelty. bake two pies and I bet they’ll both end up eaten!


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  9. Please note the Split Decision Pie Pan comes with two inserts; it can also be used as a traditional pie pan to make one pie. Totally understand responses on just baking a whole pie, but there are people out there that would love the flexibility of being able to bake two different type pies at one time. PLUS, don’t think only desserts; it’s perfect for savory quiches too. The pan just gives you the options of one or two; the cook gets to choose.

  10. need this idea for pizza as well!

  11. My great grandmother passed down a glass half-pie dish for when you only had enough on hand for a half.

  12. Very nice,N nicely priced!! What pies are showed in the add? And can I get a recipe for them,? Please n thank-you

  13. Looks like Blueberry and Strawberry. Sorry do not have pie recipes. Can give you a good cornbread though.

  14. im not a pie eater but i would make chocolate and a banana cake

  15. Also, think Quiches….Quiche Lorraine and Broccoli with Cheddar! Deep Dish Pizza too!

  16. Also could be used to make just one half pie at a time. Perfect for my hubby and me.

  17. My family is always arguing about which I should make: pecan pie vs chocolate pecan pie. This is the perfect solution!