G and I are currently researching dining tables and I just fell in love with this beauty called Timber by Julian Kyhl. It consists of 10 massive wood parts and is held together by its own weight. Smart!.

If enough people pre-order it there’s a chance it might go into production.

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  1. If only I had $1450 to spare. It looks like it could be a money maker if it’s popular enough.

    P.S. I would love to see what dining tables you two are looking at!

  2. the perfect IKEA table!

  3. These are some nice tables by Jail Make- soon to be showing at Designersblock as art of London Design Festival.

  4. Check out Nils Holger Moormann’s furniture … tables are great but so is the rest …

  5. Beautiful and simplistic. Hope there is enough interest to put this into production.


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  6. So beautiful and simply.. I love your work.

  7. habe so einen ähnlichen tisch aus dem brocki… biedermeier. könnte mir “timber” aber sehr gut als alternative vorstellen – insbesondere, weil der doch ein wenig breiter als meiner ist (65 cm). shipping to switzerland ? I’ll preorder !

  8. Thank you Google translate!

    Yes we ship to switzerland.

    Kind regards

  9. Didn’t you post about this before? I’m sure your blog is where I first heard about it!
    It’s great that it’s finally available for pre-order, been waiting a while!

  10. Aaaaaand this is going on our collective Christmas Lists.