Retirement Facitlity Signage

This is not your usual wayfinding system. Hat tip to Tina Staeheli for designing this refreshing, minimal signage system for a (fancy) Swiss retirement home.

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  1. *Facility…
    You wrote Facitlity.
    One too many t’s :)

  2. I see how the designer was working with the concept of photo frames and memories but it could also be interpreted as the fragments of your life are breaking apart… No, that’s just me that sees that ;-)

  3. oh wow! What an honor to be featured on your blog!! Merci vil vil mol! Was für ä tolli Überraschig!!!

    yes, since this is a retirement “home”, we were trying to express the signage system in a way that it won’t be a foreign element, but something that fits into a home-like environment. The other reason is, that there are other buildings that are built in a different area, in a different architectural style. The signage system can be adjusted to each building style by simply changing the style of the frames.

  4. i’m sorry, but this just seems like a beautiful solution but an inappropriate implementation. residents who have steadily-reducing cognition, visual acuity, and ability to make conceptual connections are going to have a really hard time reading these on any level. it’s a beatiful solution, but signage in a facility such as this needs to be readable above all else, and i don’t think this meets that requirement.

    but, again – beautiful.

  5. i agree with matty. it’s beautiful, don’t get me wrong. but doesn’t feel appropriate for aging folks. like they might think their vision is going because things appear to be “breaking” up.

  6. I agree with matty, its look so beautiful.

  7. Thank you for the constructive feedback matty and Lisa. The signage has indeed small type, but this is actually on purpose. This facility is for older people that can live by themselves without much help. They themselves don’t need the signage system. This system is only thought for visitors, which is why we made only the signs that is important for everyone big, and the once only thought for visitors small.

  8. I think this is so cool! I want to use it in my daughter’s room…will add some architectural interest on her walls! Thanks.

  9. Extremely smart and harmony with the environment!

  10. Really great work. I find some of the feedback a bit patronising; that elderly people just won’t get it or they’ll think it signifies things disintergrating (conversely you could say the frames are actually bringing the elements together, rather than apart). This sort of lowest-common-denominator thinking won’t get you anywhere.