All I want to be
is a person who makes things
and thinks about them.
– John Maeda

(From this wonderful post by Frank Chimero)

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  1. Senryu. Not Haiku.

  2. Great quote.

    Somewhat related, my friend Tony recently made “Haiku-DB” which scours the internet for unintentional haikus. Check it out!


  3. One of my favourite quotes and the one guides more than many.

  4. Exactly what I said to my friend two days ago!!

  5. If that were true then why doesn’t John Maeda go off and make things and “think” (hard to imagine that)? But then again how would he have time for such worthy endeavors? He is too busy burnishing a reputation based on emptiness and platitudes and causing ruin all around him in the meantime. The only thing he “makes” is an idiot of himself and a mess of everything for everyone else.

  6. Christina (@BC), constructive criticism is fine by me but calling someone an ‘idiot’ is not.