Photo Buff Ornament

Hand-painted, molded glass ornament in the form of the classic German twin lens Rolleiflex camera. Yes, please.

(Yes, I realize, the world doesn’t need this product and no, I won’t buy it, but it makes me happy to look at it.)

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  1. Has anybody found a retailer in Germany, yet? I’d like to ask them for Mac versions as well ;)

  2. sundance was selling a version of a kodak brownie holiday previously at a similar cost. which to me was way too high. i somehow lucked out when they were clearancing them for just a few bucks each and got a few for friends and family. It came with a great vintage looking box and you could look through the film window on the back.

  3. My Rollie ornament just fell off tree and broke. Would love to replace it !!!!!!!