Kinect Effect

Moving and inspiring.

(via Tim)

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  1. the music’s actually where’s my mind by the pixies. beautiful

  2. I love what people are doing with the Kinect sensor. DIYers around the globe are hacking it in creative ways which Microsoft couldn’t have dreamt of. It’s a shame though, that none of these projects are featured in the video. True Kinect Hacks seem to be too makeshift, too “nerdy” for advertising. Instead, they showcase idealized, emotion-heavy and ultimately nonexistent stuff. That’s the reason for the tiny “Depictions are visionary” note at 0:26. A missed opportunity…

  3. @Greg – good point about how DIYers and that “depictions are visionary”.

    It’s amazing what’s happening – I’m glad Microsoft isn’t (completely) clamping down on “garage shop innovators” and clever entrepreneurs.

    It does remind me that…well, I don’t think anyone (Microsoft or otherwise) would have tried to bring something like this market unless someone had the (sci-fi) artistic vision (e.g. Minority Report and similar).


  4. I got a very Apple feel from the commercial. Very moving.

  5. @reggie – except Apple devices are completely locked and they don’t let people play with ‘their’ stuff, and if they do, they ‘brick’ the device! What a turn-around that sadly Apple has become what Microsoft was in the 90’s whilst Microsoft has opened up and evolved…

  6. Don’t get me wrong I like the ad but it’s still just possibilities of what Kinect might do.

    Just reminds me of this:

  7. the invisible instruments part made me sad

  8. @Max
    While what you’re saying is sort of true if you jailbreak an idevice, the platform is yielding some amazing stuff. Play with the Moog synthesizer app animoog, or use iMockups in a meeting for some quick wireframing/brainstorming. Both those apps utilize the touch interface in ways that are both novel and intuitive. While you can argue Apple’s place in the industry, and there are some cool jailbreak apps, I don’t think the app store process and rules is as innovation-killing as you say.

  9. The problem for Microsoft will be finding a way to make money out of this. In some ways the Kintect is a one hit wonder. Once people bought it that’s about it. They’ll get a game or two but once the novelty wears off interest will fade.

    I can’t see how they will make a billion dollar business out of selling Kintect apps… and at the moment I doubt the FDA will allow you to use a toy in an operating theatre.

    The real hardcore gamers that make up the majority of revenue on the Xbox platform seem more interested in the next instalment of Battlefield or Call of Duty.

    Please don’t get me wrong. I think this is one of the more exciting things Microsoft has done in a while…

  10. Agreed, the voice over, lighting, music and grading all made me think APPLE!

    Much better than the terrible, naff ‘productivity vision of the future’ video they did.

    Why make it all elite feeling? How about something that accommodates the plebs (99% haha!)

  11. @Tom

    I suspect that both Microsoft and Sony released motion control such as Kinect and Move to remove the Wii’s differentiating factor rather than as money makers.
    With the Wii’s differentiation removed, consumers are more likely to purchase a Microsoft product based on other decisions like available titles, xbox live market place, media streaming etc.

  12. There’s a better quality version of this Kinect spot at for anyone who’s interested.

  13. Another example of the master of second-to-market marketing ripping off another company’s innovation, namely Wii? Microsoft has a long, long history of ripping the ideas of others and then using their market clout to make millions. Examples: Netscape browser, Apple interface, iPhone, on and on . . . shame.

  14. I got a very Apple feel from the commercial too. I think it’s great but not so original. The instrument part is also not so good…

  15. Yes a very Apple like series of moments except that Apples spots feature things that you can actually do and not futuristic fantasy.

    I disagree that the constraints of Apples business model have dampened innovation. A short browse through the App. store yields many innovative uses of the devices touch interface. I expect when Siri matures, app developers will start making use of that interface as well.

    But kinect is very cool in ways that Apples current devices cannot compare and this is a far more emotional spot than what I am used to seeing released from Microsoft.