Muppet Wall Decal

These Muppet Wall Decals over on Blik are making me smile ear to ear.

(I think we need to get a set for the studio, pretty sure they would make Jessi Arrington‘s day. She is a muppet lover extraordinnaire)

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  1. Oh, God! I want them all!!!

  2. Thanks Tina! Let us know what Muppets graphic you’d like for your office and we’ll send you one.

  3. I think we need a Kermie head peeking out at us for sure!!!

  4. Where were these when I was growing up?! Is it too late to have these in my home as a 30 year old with no children?!

  5. Ordered! No, not for my kids, but for me. They are perfect for my office. Thank you!

  6. Love this idea…these are great!

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