Where I am From…

While browsing the new *fantastic* Flipboard iPhone App I stumbled upon a photo essay on on Appenzell Innerrhoden, the place I grew up in Switzerland. (well, I grew up 20minutes from there, but I consider it my home) It’s one of the most charming, greenest places on earth. If you’re into hiking, this is your place.

Appenzell Innerrhoden is the smallest canton of Switzerland by population and the second smallest by area, Basel-City having less area. Wherever you look you see dairy farms which produce the amazing Appenzeller cheese. Next time you go to a cheese shop, ask them for Appenzeller. It’s a super-yumme hard cheese and comes in all kinds of ‘stinkiness levels’, at least in Switzerland. Here in the US I usually am only able to get one kind.

The images are by Jean-Yves Roure.

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  1. Omg- why would you ever leave?

  2. My friend from St.Gallen always laughs at the Appenzeller folk as some kind of mountainous slack-jawed yokels (though he concedes the cheese is rather good).

    I’m not aware of too many slack-jawed yokels working as designers in NYC though :)

  3. Love the cheese! You don’t need bread to enjoy it but here in Belgium we also have just one kind.

  4. Sooooo beautiful!

    I hope to travel to Switzerland someday. My dad & I are looking into dual citizenship! My ancestors, the Oesch family, are from – you guessed it – Oeschberg. Is it even called that anymore?

  5. Das Heidiland läßt grüßen! Schön isch´s im Appenzellerland and amazing in NYC. Fan-tab-u-lous App! Uffwieder-lesä.

  6. So beautiful : )

  7. Oh what beautiful, beautiful reunion with one of the most beautiful places on this earth. I lived in Appenzell for a year and instead have a huge place in my heart. I’ve been there once since, and am looking forward to me again one day come to visit this gem on earth.
    // Maja – Denmark

  8. Wow. It looks absolutely stunning.

  9. That is beautiful. No wonder you have great taste! :)