A fold

Thanks to the above graphic and this post over on brain pickings I will never look at a simple fold the same way again. Same goes for an ant.

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  1. It’s interesting that he referes to the two-dimensional being as a “Flatlander”. That term and the idea of how such a person would view us (including the example of the fold I do believe, I would have to double check this) was in a book title Flatland by Edwin Abbot in 1884. Interestingly enough, the book not only talked about geometry and dimensions (only up to 3 though), but also referenced Victorian era society and its nonsensical view about status and gender.

  2. The typography… it pains us…

  3. Carl Sagan describing flatland and references Edwin Abbott –

  4. Oh my, that got me down a crazy bunny trail. 8th dimension? The explanation of nothing and everything? I’m glad I came back out of that funnel.