M Lamp

Starting february 29th you’ll be able to buy this M Lamp at the M-STARS store. Go MIGROS, this is way cool!

(For those of you that don’t know what MIGROS is: It’s one of the biggest Supermarket (and services beyond) chains in Switzerland. I grew up shopping at MIGROS and these fan-products make me smile.)

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  1. Not being Swiss, when I saw this the first thing I thought of was the M on the wall of Mary Richards apartment (Mary Tyler Moore Show – about 1971-75).

  2. Very exciting! I see one in my future.

  3. I know someone named Mary who is (hopefully) going to have of of these in March.

    Where did you hear about the lamp? I couldn’t find anything about it in their news section. Did they send an announcement out to their M-stars?

    Either way, great lamp. Love Migros.

  4. How much do I need this?

  5. My son Miles, who is 4 and obsessed with everything “M” related, would love one of these.

  6. I have to show this to my husband… Feb 29th is my birthday!

  7. There is something i dont understand: These Migros merchendise are pure generic and far from being cheap so how does it work? Home brands are supposed to be affordable.. Is there some “cult” thing with the orange M? Would love to get some answeres. :)

  8. how about other character lamps?

  9. I just moved to Switzerland. I think this may be the perfect thing to bring home as a reminder of our stay here. I may need to get three though. The big stores are my favorite!

  10. I just received an e-mail by M-Stars saying this lamp will cost 199 Swiss Francs. Maybe it’s made of crystal?

  11. does anyone know if they will ship to the US?

  12. hahaha I don’t think there’s many things I like more in this world than Migros Budget Hazelnut chocolate. Eifach super!!