It’s Hard Being Two

My son is two. And let me tell you, it’s rough being two. Documented with this tumblr.

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  1. I’m about start “It’s Hard Being Thirty-One” which will be pretty much an exact copy, but with grown-ass people.

  2. Have you heard of planking? I think Tilo is a pro! :)

  3. that’s one way to keep yourself sane while your kid throws temper tantrums. i pity the moms who had to raise toddlers without tumblr and instagram.

  4. Ha, it’s a tantrumblr! :-)

  5. @bettina, You are brilliant. I added the hashtag tantrumblr to the blog. Thank you!

  6. HA, I THOUGHT that he was throwing tantrums, but after looking closer I started to think, “maybe he is so sleepy (it IS hard being two afterall) that he collapses in these places.”

    It COULD happen ;)

    But no, I have a little person and the tantrums definitely make more sense.
    Poor little fella (& daddy/mommy).

  7. hahahaha … i love this tina

  8. this should strike terror into my heart–as a parent of a one-and-a-half-year-old child, I can see what’s on the horizon–but instead it somehow makes me gloriously giggly happy. way to make lemonade out of the tantrum lemon!

  9. love it. my son recently turned three, and he’s finding it to be just as difficult.

  10. it is funny as my 22 month old was lying at around the same location in the same (court st?) b&n on sunday. i don’t even remember the reason now. i loved the idea!

  11. It’s funny because I’m 30 and after most client calls I assume the same position.

    I feel with you.

  12. Awwwwwww…. I know how he feels.

  13. little people “do” two so well, don’t they? It just comes as part of the package and no one even has to show them how to do it!

  14. oh, it is hard to being two, I know that, and my son knows that better!

  15. ha! that’s fantastic and kind of hilarious. i need to remember this…

  16. This might be one of my favorite things you have ever done.

  17. Ha! this is great. My son just turned two a few weeks ago—a sense of humour is always a good thing to carry with you.

  18. Every time I see one of these images from your Tumblr it makes me laugh. I have an 8-year old and DO NOT miss that stage at ALL!

  19. This is by far the coolest form of public humiliation you could provide for a child. Now I wish my little guy had more tantrums.

  20. This is what you call the terrible twos here. The kids are definitely so unpredictable at this age. They are definitely a handful at this age.