Lavabo Mons

These kids sinks by Romualdo Faura and Tengchuan Tey make me want to open a pre-school just so I can use them.

(via the all new Behance site)

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  1. Not me. Thinking of having to disinfect that stuff with all its nooks and impossible-to-get-to areas. Think pink-eye for a moment, and the hole thing immediately looks much less rosy.

  2. Whoooa! And i thought the preschool i went to as a youngin was hip…this brings things to a wholllle new level. Heck id take one of these for my master bath!!!!

  3. I love this ! maybe not very practical but they are a lot of fun.

  4. These sink monsters are awesome!! I wish i had a green one when I was a kid.