Rainbow Parade Preparations

You should see what’s currently going down at the South wing of Studiomates. Jessi is in full preparation mode for tommorrow’s rainbow parade. And the above image pictures Jessi in her apartment, after her giant balloons were just dropped off.

If you’re in NYC, and have a love for color, come and join us for the World’s Largest Rainbow Birthday Parade, which includes a 20 People Marching Band. You can just show up, just make sure to be dressed in one color from head to toe!

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  1. Thank you so much for spreading the word, Tina!! I’m giddy with excitement and can’t wait to see all that color in one place!!!

  2. Gosh, this post makes me wanna buy a ticket to new york! Shame its 12H and 1,200$ away…

    Enjoy!! :)

  3. I am familiar wit this event maybe because I not a resident here. But I know it is great and fun event because people are getting crazy preparing for this. I hope I can join.

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  5. This is as much a party as it is a indication of the improvement our group has created. With various powerful artists, in move and not, meals, informative and products cubicles, songs, and motivational sound system, this occasion is a must-attend, as it will inform and, indeed, amuse.