The World’s Largest Invoice

Do you have a freelance gig you haven’t been paid for? Well, then check out World’s Largest Invoice and add your info.

The site launched today, and is an initiative by The Freelancers Union, to urge lawmakers to pass the Freelancer Payment Protection act in New York. It’s model legislation that gives freelancers the same protection as “traditional” employees – they can file wage claims for the money they’re owed and get protection from the Department of Labor.

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  1. The saga continues at Thanks for posting, Tina!

  2. I would love to see this go one step further. I would love for the user to be able to enter the person/company who owes you the money so that, before taking a position, you can see if this is someone/someplace that you’d like to do business with.

  3. Freelancers Union also has a client scorecard for rating clients. But I doubt so many people would be willing to enter a name if they knew they were going to out a client. It’s a delicate relationship.

  4. it can’t be too long? i don’t agree

  5. You don’t need ‘new’ laws.

    You just need to understand your rights, and know how to claim them. If you do not know how to claim your rights, then you actually have none.

  6. Hilarious but almost painful to look at!

  7. Every freelancer should watch Mike Montiero’s talk “Fuck You, Pay Me” about how to actually get paid.

  8. It’s $15M+ now and that is huge. I think I have at least a few thousands to contribute to that amount.

    While there are a lot of work opportunities for freelancers like what I mentioned in my post: there are also tons of opportunities for scammers to rip these poor freelancers their earned money.