Training Dummies

I just paid a visit to one of my favorite blogs, Mrs. Easton, and was amazed by these Training Dummies. Would you have known what they are for, just by looking at the photos? I didn’t. I thought they were a boating accessory.

These are used in the training of hunting dogs and are typically made out of either canvas or rubber. One throws the dummy – maybe some animal or bird scent is impregnated or rubbed onto the thing – and then the good puppy goes and fetches the duffle-shaped decoy and gets a reward upon its safe return.

Fascinating! And they sure are visually pleasing, no?

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  1. I think I saw these in a movie once!

  2. Ah yes, anyone with a retriever (like ours) knows these things well! Of course, they’re fun even if you’re not training for hunting. Our Golden Retriever wouldn’t know what to do with a dead duck floating in a lake, but he’d swim out to retrieve these all day long. We have both of these styles and one made from recycled fire hose that’s pretty cool.

  3. The good puppy fetches and returns the dummy. My puppy fetches and then rips it open and shakes it so it sprays crushed cork everywhere. And I’m fine with that.