Rinser Toothbrush

Rinser” is a toothbrush with a built-in Power Fountain! You can brush without using a cup or using your hand to rinse your mouth. Clever.

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  1. Amazing concept but wouldn’t it waste a lot of water compared to an old fashion cup?

  2. I was going to post a snarky comment on solving non-existent problems. but i don’t have the energy.

    now if it could float like in the pic, that’d be awesome.

  3. i suppose this saves a bit more water than brushing your teeth in the shower. Though this might be useful if you dont want to waste a plastic cup in your hotel room.

  4. clever, although my dentist told me that after brushing teeth you shouldn’t rinse your mouth at all… nice to know after 27 years of brushing teeth…

  5. You can also rinse your mouth (if you want to rinse, as I agree, it is not compulsory) going downward 10 more centimeters to reach the water coming out of the tap directly… Less water wasted, no need of a plastic or paper cup if you’re in an hotel room (anyway, most hotel rooms have glasses and not paper or plastic cup). I agree, it’s a smart design, but it’s just that.

  6. Gotta agree it is smart and beautifully made but wastes a lot of water

  7. Genius. Total genius in its simplicity. As to wasting water-how about not taking 30 minute showers?

  8. Such an excellent idea, amazing.

  9. Well, My kids would love it.. I doubt ofcourse they will used it as a fountain :)

  10. Water bill would be five times as much.