10 Rules for Students

Some Rules for Students and Teachers, attributed to John Cage, but originates from celebrated artist and educator Sister Corita Kent.

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  1. “Rule 8: Don’t try to create and analyse at the same time.”

    That rule certainly impinges upon the reputation of term papers doesn’t it?

  2. I think these rules apply to more than just students and teachers in schools. They apply to students and teachers of life.


  3. Thank you, Tina! With Rule 1, Studiomates and CreativeMornings come to mind—“quality of place,” as urban studies theorist and author ‪Richard Florida‬ put it.

  4. Thank you, Tina, for properly attributing the source. I see this one attributed to John Cage a lot, even though that is just his quote there in Rule 10. Love Sr. Corita and so glad you posted this.

  5. Love these and love Sister Corita, a great and joyful peace activist. Was just listening to the Nuns on the Bus on Bill Moyers – he certainly considers them her direct descendents. Thank you for posting them.

  6. It’s totally Sister Corita. This was a class assignment and it was the students,with Corita’s direction, who came up with the rules. Barbara Loste and Richard Crawford, who were in the class, confirm this. Crawford thinks it was fellow classmate, David Mekelburg, who actually stamped it out. Corita regularly gave her students the assignment of carving alphabets in erasers (one letter per eraser) and Corita said that David was “the best carver…ever” says Crawford. John Cage’s sole role in this was to be quoted.

  7. Ps. It was created ” late Fall, “67 or early Spring, ’68” – Crawford.

  8. This is incredible. Thoughts to live by, for sure. And it’s a perfect addition to any work- or learning-space (though I sometimes doubt the difference).

    Does anyone know where a fellow could find a print/poster?