Bend, Not Break

“Bamboo is flexible, bending with the wind but never breaking, capable of adapting to any circumstance. It suggests resilience, meaning that we have the ability to bounce back even from the most difficult times. . . . Your ability to thrive depends, in the end, on your attitude to your life circumstances. Take everything in stride with grace, putting forth energy when it is needed, yet always staying calm inwardly.”
— Ping Fu’s “Shanghai Papa”

A few months ago, Ping Fu told me her moving and inspiring life story on a flight from Colorado to NYC. I have never been as touched by a person’s life journey, ever. Ping is an extraordinary woman. She knows what it’s like to be a child soldier, a factory worker, and a political prisoner. To be beaten and raped for the crime of being born into a well-educated family. To be deported with barely enough money for a plane ticket to a bewildering new land. To start all over, without family or friends, as a maid, waitress, and student.

Ping Fu also knows what it’s like to be a pioneering software programmer, an innovator, a CEO, and Inc. magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year. To be a friend and mentor to some of the best-known names in tech­nology. To build some of the coolest new products in the world. To give speeches that inspire huge crowds. To meet and advise the president of the United States.

It sounds too unbelievable for fiction, but this is the true story of a life in two worlds. And I am thrilled that she is sharing it with the world, with her upcoming book Bend, Not Break. It is a tribute to one woman’s courage in the face of cruelty and a valuable lesson on the enduring power of resilience.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this Tina – I look forward to reading it.

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