The Magic of Sugru

This is the best product video I have seen in a long time. I would like to invite the charming Sugru gentleman to come and hang out with us at Tattly and make a video. Yes?

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  1. SO great! love the honesty and fun of the video. now i need to find out more…

  2. He’s awesome isn’t he and totally sold it for me! I bought 4 packets as soon as the video was finished.

  3. If you have them in the studio, can I maybe come over and hang out. No reason. #ImSingle

  4. Amber – you make me laugh – all the time! xo

    And this product, well, I can think of about 100 places I need it, today!

    Thanks Tina! As always, you share the best of the best!

  5. Sugru is totally awesome. The product is amazing, their customer service is great, and they have an amazing website (and PR people, apparently). I fixed my Mac charge cord with the stuff!

  6. It’s the Irish charm. We all sound like that. Fantastic at parties, terrible with money.

  7. ‘the world, is full of crap’ so funny!
    added to mi holiday gift guide, most my friends could use this.
    thx for sharing :))

  8. I’m convinced, nice Christmas present for my dad. Bought.

  9. if you think that’s good…you should check out their new Christmas version!