Coat- and Shoe Rack Zeugwart

Wardrobe Zeugwart

Zeugwart is a minimal, freestanding coat/shoerack. Designed by Alexander Schmied.

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  1. Nice design for small spaces

  2. Unless it’s somehow fastened to the wall (and even then…) it’s definitely not child friendly. :)

  3. What an awesome solution for a small entry way or mud room. I love it!

  4. Clever. I think I’ve seen some pallet wood versions of this somewhere, but this definitely looks nicer.

  5. Reminds me on the ‘Step Up’ from the Belgian designer Tore Bleuzé :

  6. Yes indeed.. it is really similar to the Step up of Mookum! The step up is on top of it more reasonable in price.

  7. Is it possible to buy or order this in a London or elsewhere in the UK?
    Perfect for small flats there.